Run Gmail On Your Domain

So you love the Gmail email system but you have your own domain name and don’t want to have your address end in You would rather have powered by Gmail. If this sounds like you then the Google Apps for Domains service is exactly what you need! Google Apps accounts each have an incredible 25GB of storage space. In addition to all that extra space with Google Apps you will also have access to some powerful free applications right from inside your Gmail account. Perhaps the best of these applications is the Google Docs app that allows you access to a wide variety of popular document formats right inside your email. You don’t even need to have a word processor installed on your machine to use it. With Google Docs there is no need to worry about cross-platform compatibility or file conversions, nearly all common filetypes are accessible.

Signup for Google Apps One of my favorite Google Apps is the Google Calendar application. Google Calendar is an excellent collaboration tool for businesses and can be very handy for personal use as well. The only prerequisite for using Google Apps is that you first must own a domain name. If you are ready to get started with Google Apps click the sign-up button on the right to get started.

Google Apps Quick Tour Video