Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Below we have put together a handy list of all the keyboard shortcuts available for use with Gmail’s webmail interface. The list is broken up into two sections the single key shortcuts and the key combination shortcuts. We hope these shortcuts help to improve your mail experience.

Single Key Shortcuts

Key Definition Action
C Compose Pressing C opens a new e-mail composition window.
Pressing Shift + C will open the new composition in a new window.
/ Search Automatically moves your cursor to the search box ready to search all your e-mail
K Move to newer conversation Pressing K on your keyboard will move your cursor to a more recent conversation.
Pressing Enter will expand a conversation.
J Move to older conversation Pressing J moves your cursor to the next oldest conversation.
N Next message Pressing N moves your cursor down to the next message.
P Previous message Pressing P moves your cursor down to the previous message.
O or <Enter> Open Pressing O or Enter opens the selected e-mail in conversation view.
If you are already in conversation view pressing O or Enter will collapse the conversation.
U Return to conversation list Pressing U refreshes your e-mail and returns you to the inbox.
E Archive Pressing E will archive the current conversation.
X Select conversation Pressing X will automatically check and select a conversation so that you can archive, apply a label, or choose an action from the drop-down menu to apply to that conversation.
+ Mark as important Pressing + marks the current message as important
Mark as unimportant Pressing marks the current message as unimportant.
! Report spam Pressing ! marks a message as spam.
R Reply Pressing R will reply to the current message.
By pressing Shift + R you can reply to the current message in a new window.
A Reply all Pressing A replies to all recipients of the message.
Pressing Shift + A replies to all recipients in a new window.
F Forward Pressing F forwards the current message.
<Esc> Escape from input field Pressing the Esc key will remove your cursor from the current input field.

Key-Combination Shorcuts

Key Definition Action
Tab then Enter Send message Pressing Tab then Enter from the composition window will automatically send your message.
Y then O Archive and next Pressing Y then O archives your current message.
G then S Go to ‘Starred’ Pressing G then S goes to all the messages you have starred.
G then C Go to ‘Contacts’ Pressing G then C goes to your contacts list.
G then D Go to ‘Drafts’ Pressing G then D takes you to your drafts messages folder.
G then I Go to ‘Inbox’ Pressing G then I will return you to the inbox.
G then T Go to ‘Sent Mail’ Pressing G then T will take you to your sent mail folder.
* then A Select all Pressing * then A will select all items in the current view.
* then N Select none Pressing * then N deselects all currently selected items.
* then R Select read Pressing * then R selects all e-mails that have been read.
* then U Select unread Pressing * then U selects all unread e-mails.
* then S Select starred Pressing * then S selects all e-mails that you have starred.
* then T Select unstarred Pressing * then T selects all of the unstarred e-mails.