How-To Setup Gmail in eMClient

How-To Setup Gmail in eMClient

Step 1
To setup Gmail in eMClient on Windows, start by opening eMClient by clicking on the icon in your Start Menu. If you haven’t yet downloaded eMClient, visit their website to Download eMClient.
Launch eMClient

Step 2
From the new account window enter your Gmail email address in the email box then click ‘Start Now

Setting up Gmail in eMClient

During this new account setup your browser will open and ask you to login to your Gmail account. Once you have successfully logged in, eMClient will finish the install and confirm the name associated with your Gmail account.

Step 3
The last step is to confirm which eMClient services you wish to enable. In addition to being a full fledged email client, it also offers chat, calendar and a contacts manager. Once you have confirmed your selections, click ‘Finish

Finishing Gmail Setup eMClient

That’s it! You are now ready to use your Gmail email account with eMClient on Windows.


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