Seven Cool Gmail Tips

Seven Cool Gmail Tips

Gmail Email Cool Tip #1
Use Gmail email adddress aliases. Gmail email is very flexible and allows you to use aliases with your Gmail email account. For example, you can send an email to and the message will arrive at the inbox. This can be a useful feature for configuring your email filters.

Gmail Email Cool Tip #2
Select multiple messages. With Gmail you can easily select multiple messages at once and avoid having to click each and every individual message. To do this you need to simply select the first message in the set then hold down your Shift key and select the last message in the set. If you want to unselect just a few of the selected group you can do so by holding down CTRL and then clicking on the message you want to deselect.

Gmail Email Cool Tip #3
Send and Archive ButtonDid you know you can automatically archive all your sent messages with Gmail? It’s easy, you just go the Labs section of your Gmail email account settings and enable the Send & Archive button feature. Now whenever your send a new message with your Gmail account you can click Send & Archive to have the message automatically archived and saved in your account.

Gmail Email Cool Tip #4
Bypass The Blank Message PromptDo you ever just send a message using only the subject line? If so then you have probably seen the annoying prompt that confirms that you want to send the message without any text in the body of the message. You can easily bypass this prompt and quickly send out your subject line only emails by typing EOM at the end of your subject line (see the picture). By typing EOM after your subject line you are telling Gmail that this is the end of the message and to go ahead and bypass the prompt and send your onesubject line email.

Gmail Email Cool Tip #5
Gmail email ignores dots. Gmail email does not recognize dots in your email username so therefore someone could email or or they could email and the message would be delivered to your inbox regardless of the dots in the Gmail username.

Gmail Email Cool Tip #6
Never again forget to attach your files!Gmail Attachment Alerter Gmail email has an awesome feature called ‘Attachment Alerter’ that will alert you when there are no files attached to your email message but the words ‘attachment’ or ‘see attached’ are present in your email. With this feature enabled, when you cick send on an email without an attachment you will see an alert similar to the on the left. To enable the ‘Attachment Alerter’ feature, click on the ‘Settings’ link and then click on the ‘Labs’ tab then select ‘Enable’ next to the ‘Forgotten Attachment Detector’ option line and finally click the ‘Save Changes’ link at the bottom of the page.

Gmail Email Cool Tip #7
Automatically forward all Gmail emails to another address. You can automatically forward all of your emails to another account by simple enabling forwarding. To enable forwarding in your Gmail email account do the following:

1) Click on the ‘Settings’ link in your Gmail email accounts webmail interface.

2) Click on the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab on the settings page.

3) Lastly click the radio button that says ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to’, and then give the email address you want your messages forwarded to in the text box. See figure below.

Gmail email Address Forwarding

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