Why Choose Gmail Email?

Why Choose Gmail Email?

Gmail Free Email AddressWhy should you choose Gmail email? Perhaps the question should be, why not use Gmail email instead. Simply put there isn’t any other free email service that can compare to Google’s Gmail email service. In fact, many of the paid or hosted email solutions providers don’t even compare to the features of Gmail’s free email service. Signing up for your own Gmail email address only takes a few minutes and you are up and running. You can use the webmail to access your new Google email account from any computer or location in the world! If you prefer to use your Google email account with an email client such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook then you just need to enable POP access from email account options page in your new Google mail account. For details on how to configuer your Google Gmail account for POP access, visit this page.

Let’s consider hypothetically, What happens if I would like to use both methods of accessing your Google email? For example, you want to access your Gmail email account from the webmail interface when you are at work or out and about on your cell phone but you also want to access your email on your Mac at home.

If you are concerned that your email messages might get spread apart by checking and accesssing your email with both Gmail webmail and also an email client simultaneously and you are afraid that neither Gmail webmail or your email client will have all of your emails available. You can prevent this from happening by using the ‘leave a copy of messages of on the server’ option in your POP email client. By enabling this option all of your email will always be available in both the webmail interface and also your POP email client.

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